The Globe Theater

Welcome! This site contains estimated blueprints of the Globe Theater in London. These blueprints contain the three major levels of the Globe Theater. Click on any of the levels to see that blueprint, and hover your mouse over various parts of the blueprint to see more information. NOTE: Most or all of the images are from the new Globe built in London. This is because it is easier to identify the parts when there is a color photograph than a predicted sketch.

Aerial View Stage Roof Seating Galleries

Yard Level | 2nd Level | [3rd Level]

Globe Theater Seating Galleries
This is where the wealthy and middle class would
sit. The cost was 2 pence for the galleries, and
there would be a collector with a box who stood at
the stairs leading there.
Globe Theater Stage Roof
This is the roof covering the stage. It was
known as "The Heavens." On the inside, it had a
beatiful design. It was made to protect the actors
and their costumes in case of sudden rain.

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This is what the Globe Theater looks like
from above. The flag on the towers was raised
when there was a play. Different color flags
meant different plays. Also, although the Globe
has 20 sides now, there is not enough information
to determine how many sides and how big it was
during the time of Shakespeare.

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