The Globe Theater

Welcome! This site contains estimated blueprints of the Globe Theater in London. These blueprints contain the three major levels of the Globe Theater. Click on any of the levels to see that blueprint, and hover your mouse over various parts of the blueprint to see more information. NOTE: Most or all of the images are from the new Globe built in London. This is because it is easier to identify the parts when there is a color photograph than a predicted sketch.

The Yard/Pit Stage Seating Galleries Seating Galleries Seating Galleries Seating Galleries Seating Galleries Enterance Enterance Enterance Enterance

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Globe Theater Seating Galleries
This is where the wealthy and middle class would
sit. The cost was 2 pence for the galleries, and
there would be a collector with a box who stood at
the stairs leading there.
Globe Theater Stage
This is the stage. It measured 25 by 44 feet.
The stage was where all of the action went on. In
the middle, there are two columns which support
the roof. Also, there is a trap door in the floor
and a heavens trap. The heavens trap was just a rope
system from which actors would soar from. Also,
there are 3 doors which would lead into back stage
and the tiring house.
Globe Theater Yard/Pit
This is where the peasants and other low-classes
would stand. It cost 1 penny to get in. The money
would be taken at one of the four main public
entrances. Here in the pit, 1000 peasants would
fit in to see the play. The people in the galleries
would have a clear view of the peasants, which were
usually referred as "groundlings" or "stinkards".
Globe Theater Public Enterance
This is one of the
four public entrances. At
the gate, there would be a
person with a box which
would collect the 1 pence
required to get in to the
pit, or, 2 pence to get
into the galleries.

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